Monday, January 16, 2012

Seester Day!

Today my sweet sister came to Evansville to spend the day with me! We were way over due for one of our seester adventures!! Snapped pics all along the way:) Here is what we did today....

Sushi for lunch..

Mini photo shoot in Target  parking lot..

This ridiculousness was followed by shopping. Starbucks and pedicures!

O yeah another goof off session in the Target dressing room and on to pedicures..

We worked on Tara Tuesday for tomorrow..
We topped the night off with my current favorite wine, Berry Peach from The Purple Toad Winery and homemade moccasins, which I will share very soon!!
Happy seesters!
Love, T


  1. aw :) i love it! thanks for sharing..! and you two are identical - less the hair color! beautiful.

  2. Looks like you had fun! I love spending time with my sister. Sadly she's moving to Japan in a few months!

  3. i love sister days:) thanks for reading girls!