Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well Happy New Year my friends :)  With a new year brings new motivation and inspiration to start something new or simply improve on an already existing something.  I try not to set any type of outrageous resolution or goal, I like to keep it simple and build throughout the year on my hopes for the year in front of me.  So here are a few things I would like to do/improve in 2012:

1. Be healthy: Pretty standard stuff here and I am sure about 90% of people have this on their list but it indeed tops my list every year and 2012 is no exception. How do I plan to do this? Cook more healthy meals, try new food, run and run some more, relax, drink more water and learn to love yoga (dang my ADHD).
2. Blog Makeover: This year my blog will be 1 year old :) So it's time for a makeover! Hopefully sooner than later!
3: Sew more stuff: Since I got a dress form for Christmas I already have lots of visions of cutesy pieces of clothing I want to make for me and for others! Now that I have the space and the tools I think I'm ready to kick it up a notch! I love handmade clothing so much why not make my own?
4: Learn how to use my camera: I have a Nikon d60 and I am sorta clueless on how it works other than the auto setting so I am ready to learn!
5. Declutter: From my closet to my email and cell phone pics I need to just get rid of excess!  This may mean less thrifting for random stuff but I must declutter before I convince myself I am on the edge of becoming a hoarder!

Well that is my list of aspirations for the new year!
I will leave you with pics from my New Year celebration :) Family+games+drinks=Fun!

my uncle charlie was visiting from Wisconsin for the new year


Happy New Year!
Love, T

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