Monday, January 23, 2012


Happy Monday yall!  This past week I made two tasty sandwiches I would love to share with you.  Both super easy and a change from PB & J!  Since quinoa seems to be all over Pinterest lately I bought some knowing I would find many uses for it.  So we also had a yummy side of quinoa dried fruit salad with both sandwiches.
Sandwich number 1: Tuna salad..
Mix together..
2 cans of tuna
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
light mayo (amt depends on your preference)
1/4 cup relish
1/4 onion minced
salt, pepper, dill, parsley &garlic to taste

Stuff it inside a wheat pita pocket and enjoy!

Sandwich number 2..Grilled Avocado & Cheese
You will need..
light butter
wheat bread (2 slices)
1 slice pepper jack cheese

Start by lightly greasing your pan, lay 1 slice of buttered bread down followed by cheese & avocado

Top with second piece of bread and grill both sides until light brown

Cut in half and enjoy!

Interested in the quinoa dried fruit salad? Click here for the recipe

I made a few changes to the recipe because I just used what I already had:
I used slivered almonds instead of walnuts
Left out the apples & green onions
I used tomato and basil feta cheese
Now that I know I like this I will try the walnuts and apples next time!

Happy Lunchtime!
Love, T


  1. Ooh, that second sandwich looks lovely! I'll certainly be making that next week. You have a gorgeous blog here!

  2. I love grilled cheese and avocado! Deeeelish. It's so nice to find someone else who eats them. I have gotten so many strange looks and eyerolls over those sandwiches. Those people just don't know what they're missing.