Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are Those Brownies?

Pinterest is well, addicting, but just a tad:)  It is filled with ideas and inspiration.  Johnny and I were craving something "sweet" the other day so I started scanning through Pinterest for inspiration that wouldn't destroy our new quest of health.  I came across these 99 calorie brownies and had to give them a whirl.  See what other yummy things I have pinned here. Now they don't taste quite like full blown brownie goodness but they are definitely worth the cut in calories from 295 to 99!  Click here for the recipe!

I did add some "icing" well more like melted milk chocolate chips but they functioned just the same.  Take a serving, which was 33 chips for 80 calories for the Target brand (may vary a tad) and sprinkle on top of warm brownies...
Once the chocolate chips start to get soft spread with a knife..

Now you are ready to enjoy!
Happy Baking!
Love, T

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