Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Weeks In

I guess it's true, what people say, that time passes quicker and quicker as you get older. Here we are already three weeks into 2013 and almost one whole month down! So far my New Years resolution of making better choices for myself is going pretty well. I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow, yippie! My exercise regimen isn't exactly the way I had pictured it BUT I like what it has become. I have been changing it up each week a bit to avoid boredom and burnout. I'm still writing my calories I burn down which helps me see what my hard work actually did for me:) As far a juicing's going great! Ill share some of our combinations in another post ASAP. We've been trying new produce and committing to no less than one juice a day. We watched another Netflix "food" movie tonight called "Hungry for Change." If you have Netflix you MUST check it out! It may just be my favorite I've watched, very eye opening and informative, hitting important topics everyone should think about.
Ill leave you with my workout diary for the past three weeks and get back to you with our juicing combos ASAP!

Nothing to crazy but definitely a nice start to the new year!

Happy Monday!
Love, T
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Serene Weekend in the Smokies

This past weekend Johnny and I packed our bags and headed south to The Smoky Mountains. We wanted to go back in December but it just didn't work out with all we had going on that month. I am glad we waited because we had gorgeous weather! Mid 60s to be exact! We rented a cozy little cabin with a gorgeous view and all the relaxing amenities. The weather was just right where we were able to keep the back door and windows wide open during the day and sit in front of the fireplace at night:) We spent most of our time hanging out at the cabin and relaxing, watching football and spending time with each other. Of course we did do a few touristy things like hitting the outlet mall, walking the Gatlinburg Strip, eating at Flapjacks Pancakes House and walking through Wonderworks (totally neat). I think this trip is just what we needed to start the new year:)

I loved our little view:)

All the Christmas decorations were still up in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, nice treat!

We decided to eat out only once a day so I took food for a "home away from home" cooked breakfast and to cook in the crock pot, it saved money and made the cabin smell amazing!

The sunset was gorgeous each evening!

This place makes you feel like a big o kid! Perfect for kids and adults who wanna feel like a kid!

Even the view from lounging on the couch was nice:)

A girls perfect idea of relaxing!

Happy Travels!
Love, T

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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Insomnia Diaries

Why hello there 3am, 4am and soon to be the lovely 5am. You see I do this crazy thing called nightshift for a living and every now and again it rears its ugly head on my nights off:/ It's like my body is saying...psst wake up you idiot and for some reason my mind listens, so here I am:) O and when I say wake up I mean stinking WIDE eyed awake. I wonder why I can't pop up this alert any other time? I try my usual last resort things counting sheep, flipping over on my belly, flipping my pillow to the cold side and when those don't work I might as well get my happy butt up and do something. So tonight I gave myself a facial, plucked my eyebrows, used biore strips on my nose and even organized my bathroom cabinets. You know, pretty normal insomnia stuff...gotta love it:). Now a little something that made me laugh out loud after taking it....

Happy sleeping!
Love, T

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Project Better Choices: Week 1 of 2013!

Like many of you out there I decided to make improving my body and mind a priority for 2013! I like to call it "Project better choices" :) I was far from perfect this past week but I was a heck of a lot better than weeks before! I weighed myself, measured my body and mentally decided what I could do to distress. For me exercise and healthy eating fixes all three issues, well a great place to start anyway:) I did Hot Yoga on Saturday and it completely cleared my was pretty amazing really. So here are a few things from week 1;)

Happy Monday!
Love, T

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

With a new year brings opportunity for a fresh start, a clean slate. January 1st always gives me a refreshed feeling and actually motivates me to get started on new projects and goals. Pretty amazing how a simple date can do that to a person! I'm thinking I need more than just one Jan.1st a year:). New Years Eve always gives me a since of closure to the year past, good and bad. I was so thrilled to be able to ring in the new year with my family! A celebration fully equip with hats, noise makers, games, champagne and a big sparkly ball dropping to a countdown. Here is how we rang in our new year.....


Happy New Year!
Love, T

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Celebration

Happy 2013!
I hope everyone had a nice and safe New Years Eve last night. We sure did:) I'll share very soon. Since I've been really busy between Christmas and New Years I am just now getting around to sharing our Christmas celebration with you. Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house eating, drinking, and being merry:) Johnny made his tasty Gluweine and I made homemade chocolate cheesecake. Mom always makes the best Christmas ham you'll ever taste and I literally look forward to it all year..and I don't even eat ham the rest of the year! Mom and I got to break out our yummy cookies and send them out to sweet family with plenty left over for Santa of course. Bright and early Christmas morning Johnny and I headed to his moms where we enjoyed breakfast and spent the morning opening lots of goodies! I headed back to evansville Christmas afternoon because I was on call so I got see Burli and slip in a little nap, after my call slot was up I headed back to Mom and Dads for games and Christmas movies. O yeah and lots of snow;))) I hope y'all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year:)

Yay! Love my new instax mini!

Happy Holidays!
Love, T

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