Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Weeks In

I guess it's true, what people say, that time passes quicker and quicker as you get older. Here we are already three weeks into 2013 and almost one whole month down! So far my New Years resolution of making better choices for myself is going pretty well. I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow, yippie! My exercise regimen isn't exactly the way I had pictured it BUT I like what it has become. I have been changing it up each week a bit to avoid boredom and burnout. I'm still writing my calories I burn down which helps me see what my hard work actually did for me:) As far a juicing's going great! Ill share some of our combinations in another post ASAP. We've been trying new produce and committing to no less than one juice a day. We watched another Netflix "food" movie tonight called "Hungry for Change." If you have Netflix you MUST check it out! It may just be my favorite I've watched, very eye opening and informative, hitting important topics everyone should think about.
Ill leave you with my workout diary for the past three weeks and get back to you with our juicing combos ASAP!

Nothing to crazy but definitely a nice start to the new year!

Happy Monday!
Love, T
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