Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wooden Initials Love

On Valentine's Day I decided to make a love inspired piece for our bedroom to bring a simple and sweet touch to the walls. I've seen lots of variation on Pinterest so I made my own version.

All you need is:
-an empty frame-found mine at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section (woot woot)
-two wooden letters-your first initial and your loves first initial
-a heart-I used the lid of a heart shaped box to give the piece some dimension
-paint and paint brush
-hanging apparatus-I used a metal attachment on the frame, just find the middle of the frame and tap it in place with a hammer, for the letters I used sticky hangers and push pins for the heart (in the framing section at Hobby Lobby they have all the hanging equipment you will need)

Paint your letters and heart first and let them dry
While they are drying get your frame ready to hang and hang it in place on your wall
Once your paint is dry hang your letters and heart inside frame

Viola! You have a love inspired piece of art!
Happy Crafting!
Love, T

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hopefully you enjoyed a nice day filled with love from family, friends and loved ones:). I have very fond childhood memories of Valentine's day because my mom always made holidays so special with cute decorations and little treats. We always made homemade cards for the kids in our class, which to this day I love making and getting handmade cards! So while I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day I am a fan of festive happenings! This Valentine's Day has been pretty sweet for me:) Started with a love inspired breakfast whipped up by Johnny. I worked on a love inspired DIY I will share with you tomorrow! Sushi for lunch followed by a red velvet Gigi's cupcake (yum). We took advantage of the purty weather and went for a run by the river and juiced when we got back. Finished the evening with dinner in and Netflix!

Since we had that we had to do this....haha...but seriously...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, T

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Johnny is 29!

Today is my sweet husbands birthday:) He is the ripe ole age of 29! I'm looking forward to celebrating with him this weekend. He had amazing weather for his birthday (64 & sunny) so we took advantage and went for a run by the river, did a little birthday shopping and grabbed an iced drink at Starbucks.

Burli enjoyed the sun today too;)

He liked Johnny's shoe box too:)

Happy Birthday Johnny!
Love, T

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Monday, February 4, 2013

TOWtally Not Cool

Welp my poor little jeep had her first adventure atop a tow truck this past week. While this situation was anything but pleasant Johnny and I tried to realize how much worse it really could have been. We were just starting a fun day of running around town picking up a few things we had been needing. Our second stop was to get some incense from a little shop in the mall and when we came back out my Jeep was acting crazy. Long story short: wouldn't start and got towed to the body shop. While waiting on the tow truck to arrive Johnny and I had dinner and browsed around the mall, something I haven't done in months! Since we recently went to Gatlinburg I was thankful it didn't happen there or somewhere in the woods while camping! The best part to the whole thing is I paid this baby off this month! I am beginning to wonder if the put a chip in that says...paid off, time to mess up a bit:/. On a positive note it was fixed that next day and is running fine:)

Happy Monday!
Love, T

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Just Juicy

I suppose this wouldn't be considered ASAP from my last post (like I had promised), however it is as quick as I could do between being out of town last wknd and working. Regardless here I am ready to share my juices from this past month. I've gotten a few emails and messages through Facebook and Instagram with questions about juicing. Johnny and I have certain fruits and veggies that are our "go to" ingredients for our juices but we enjoy trying out new combos and new produce! In every juice we put 2 huge handfuls of greens (spinach usually). As I was walking through Barnes and Noble today I saw a tone of juicing books and it made me very happy to see. Bed bath and beyond has lots of juicers to choose from now as well! I'm hoping its a lasting trend I am seeing! I snapped a few pictures of our juice this month to share with you! Please feel free to share websites, recipes, ideas etc that you use in your juicing routine:) If you are looking to get into juicing there is a tone of info online and recipes to try!
Our go to produce: Spinach, carrots, celery, apples, oranges and kiwi
Other goodies we have juiced this year: pear, sugar pears, papaya, turnip greens, parsley, lemons, broccoli, grapes and cranberries

Joining SAMs Club has been so great for our juicing! We have been 3 times this year and bought carts full of produce:)

Happy Juicing!

PS This week we started adding chia seeds to the juice. With a bizarre texture comes great benefits!

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