Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zucchini Baked Yummies

Sundays are usually pretty laid back and relaxing around our apartment.  It's the day we get caught up on cleaning, laundry, reading (for Johnny), crafting (for me) and bills.  This past Sunday was topped off with a delightful dinner Johnny and I worked on together.  Cooking together is always a good time :) A recipe I'd like to share with you are my Zucchini Bakes!  They are healthy and tasty too. You will need: 1 large zucchini, bread crumbs, cheese of choice, salt, pepper and olive oil.  Slice zucchini, spray with a light coat of olive oil, sprinkle breadcrumbs over zucchini (I used Italian style) and bake on 350 for about 10 min, remove from oven and top with a thin layer of cheese ( i used aged cheddar) and you are ready to enjoy! Salt and pepper to taste! Go ahead try it!

Happy Cooking!
Love, T

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stunning Rosettes

Quick craft post..
My newest creations...

Feeling patriotic once again with the upcoming holiday!

My friend Leah and I are anxiously awaiting a response to our application for the Porter Flea in Nashville July 9th.  Check out the vendors here http://www.facebook.com/porterflea There is a selection committee and everything! With our fingers crossed we are putting our creativity into hyper drive for the possibly of participating in the event! I'll let you know if we will be attending!!  These lovelies are just one of the things that I will have displayed:) Visit my facebook page for more goodies! http://www.facebook.com/pages/AcupofT/205781299437465
Happy Crafting!
Love, T

Sweet Tuesday Night.

Meet Faust.

This little cutie is an eleven week old Bengal kitten that Nathan and Alex just adopted on Tuesday :) I mean look at him he's adorable!   They have been waiting to get him for some time now and he is finally here!  Of course Tara and I had to meet him immediately, so we journeyed to Evansville on Tuesday after I got off work and met this sweet baby:) On our way there we stopped by Ruby Moon Winery for some wine and cheese.  We tried the blackberry this time and of course it was delicious!

If you live around Henderson, KY you gotta stop by and pick some up! Go here for directions:

 Once we made it to Evansville we first met Faust and soaked up his amazingness and than we made a trip to the new Fresh Market! There is one in Lexington that I've been to a few times and always hoped Evansville would get one, and now they have one! Alex bought ingredients for another amazing meal and got a few things for the week.  My favorite thing they have is a little station wear you watch your peanut butter, cashew butter or almond butter be made!! We tried each one and they were all good but the cashew butter takes the cake. Find a store near you and go! http://www.thefreshmarket.com/ 
Another very sweet week night..

the chef :)

Some of my goodies from The Fresh Market!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend:)
Happy shopping!
Love, T

Monday, June 20, 2011

Trades are the Best!

This month I am a sponsor on one of my very favorite blogs http://www.violetbellasworld.blogspot.com/ This blog is packed with talent, creativity and inspiration.  Her name is Laura and her style is amazing.  She and I did a sweet little trade recently and I wanted to share with you my goodies!

I already wear a necklace I bought from her months ago on a daily basis but now I have another to alternate between.  How sweet is the little necklace? and...she sent me a surprise, those adorable earrings! they are dead on my style and I can not wait to sport them!  Thanks again Laura for the goodies! Trades are so great!   If you are creative and you have other crafty friends I encourage you to trade with each other, it's a complete win, win situation!
Happy Trading!
Love, T

Lookbook:Summer Lovin'

Well the sun came out yesterday and Leah and I got to complete our photo shoot and produce a sweet lookbook.  Leah has a new vintage line coming out in July called Suds in the Bucket.  She has a big photo shoot coming up soon but we wanted to have a mini shoot because it's just so exciting! The photo shoot featured my hair accessories, necklaces, belt and even one of my skirts!  Between the two of us we were the photographers, models, designers, and directors :) I love doing things like this with Leah because we seem to be pretty much on the same page on the look we are going for, for our products!  We had an amazing location!  The old house we shot in was exactly what we had in mind, smelly, dirty, tad bit creepy yet amazingly perfect! I think we could have shot all day and night!  Take a peak if you'd like at our mini lookbook :)

Wish I had some behind the scenes but we stayed busy with pictures for the lookbook :) You can visit my facebook page for more of my creations!

Happy Looking!
Love, T

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Already Today..

It's already been a pretty productive day with clean house, clean clothes!  Started with some yummy homemade french toast.  One of my very favorite foods in the whole world :) It actually turned out just like mom's today.  Johnny was impressed :) Which always makes my smile really big.  Mom's recipe is super simple and super tastyy! Just dip bread into egg/milk mixture and throw it on the skillet, top with a little butter and syrup and you have delicious french toast.  You should try it. Johnny headed to the gun range to shoot guns with his step dad and little brother and I am waiting for the weather to clear up so Leah (Sookie Says) and I can finish our sweet little photo shoot.  The sun is peeping out, hopefully it will stay! While I've been waiting this is what I've been up to..
enjoying some yummy coffee..

clipping coupons! don't worry you won't see me on extreme couponers anytime soon, although i do envy them a touch for there dedication and money saving abilities...

balancing the checkbook and paying online bills...

and trying my best not to bug the crap out of Burlington!!
I hope you will have a nice sweet productive Sunday too!
Happy Fathers Day!!
Love, T

Mini Seester Adventure

As you saw in an earlier post we house/dog sat last week for Johnny's mom.  During the week I found some great new places to run.  Tara (my little sis) came over for dinner one night while we were there. She and I went for a walk down one of my new fav routes.  What started as a walk turned into goofing off and snapping silly pics of each other!  Even though we only made it about 1/2 mile away from the house we were gone for a good hour.  Moments like these are some of the best, when something planned evolves into something MUCH better :) I hope you can find time to goof off every now and than to let your mind go!

As you can see we were real prepared..ha

Even saw some wildlife :)

When we got back Burli was peering through the glass :)

Go for a walk, you never know what you'll end up doing!
Happy Walking!
Love, T

Friday, June 17, 2011

Giveaway :)

I'm having a sweet little giveaway on my facebook page! Check it out!

Here is what the winner will get!

If you would like the win just like my facebook page and comment below to enter :)
Happy Sharing!
Love, T

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


While I am in the land with Internet I thought I'd post about a fun little Thursday night I had with some of my very favorite people!! Let me just say I am literally terrible at miniature golf but still enjoy to play it.  Johnny, Tara, Luke and I journeyed up to Evansville when I got off of work last Thursday to meet up with Nathan and Alex.  We started by playing mini golf, which I lost (no shocker there).  After golf we headed to their apartment for fish tacos, and some good German beer..yummy!  I've always strayed away from fish tacos but when Alex mentioned them I couldn't wait to try them! Pretty much everything he makes is good, so I trusted him. Of course they were delicious!! I advise trying fish tacos, I've always thought they sounded like a super weird combo..fish +tacos..what the? We finished the night at Sweet Cicis in Newburg, IN.  It's a frozen yogurt shop that is yummy yummy.  Who knew a Thursday night could be so fun?  Snapped a few pics throughout the night...

 Luke's special.

 fresh herbs...

Such a nice day:)
Happy Cooking!
Love, T