Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I feel like I have been away from cyber world forever but in reality it's only been like 4 days :) Having a blog and an etsy shop makes me very aware of not having the Internet at my fingertips!  Johnny and I are house/ dog sitting for his mom this week and they don't have wireless so I have been MIA from the Internet.  I can still get on my phone but I can't really do much with my blog or shop from there so I came by the apartment to update things :)  A few nice things about staying at his mom's is finding new places I've never ran, watching Burli interact with another animal and the great combination of healthy food vs. junk food.  Johnny has a younger brother on his mom's side so she has the good healthy food for her and the good junk food for him :) Why is it that food at other people's houses is so much more appealing?  Hmm.. Any who I snapped a few pics on my lovely FLAT run yesterday to show you :) 

Another perk to not having the Internet is that I've gotten a ton of crafting done!! I even made some festive hair clips for the 4th of July!!

My friend Leah (owner/creator of Sookie Says) and I are planning to finish our photo shoot very soon!  I'll post pics, of course!
Happy Tuesday!
Love, T

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