Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ghosty Garland

These cute little ghosts are super easy to make and fun for adults and kids:)
All you need is
-white and black felt
-fabric glue or low temp hot glue
-sewing machine
-white thread
First decide what size ghost you want and how many you will need to decorate the space you have chosen for them.  Cut out ghost bodies and then cut out their eyes, mouths, bowties, mustaches etc!  The best part about making your own decorations is that you can make them anyway you'd like! Make a little family with a mommy, daddy and babies if you'd like! After you have everything cut out glue the little pieces to the bodies.
Once all your ghosts are assembled just run them through the sewing machine...one right after the next.  Make sure to leave extra thread on the ends to hang them.
Hang and enjoy!

Happy Stitching!
Love, T

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Ready!

We are all decorated for Halloween and ready for trick or treaters:) All we need is the candy!  If we get it too soon there won't be any left, kinda sad but very true.  I'm looking forward to a Halloween movie marathon sometime soon.  Are you all ready for Halloween?  Here is a peak into our spooky little space..

Happy Friday!
Love, T

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grandpa Rich Turns 90 Part 2!

More pics!


Family, I have lots more where this came from and will try to get them emailed out to you sometime soon:)  Love yall!

Happy Day!
Love, T