Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grandpa Rich Turns 90!

Back in May my Grandpa Doll turned 90 and this month my Grandpa Rich joined the 90 club!  Most of the Rich family was able to gather to celebrate.  Those that were unable to make it were deeply missed!  The weekend was full of family, hundreds of memories, slideshows, presents, loud laughs, good cries, lots of dancing, games, bonfires, gorgeous weather, delicious food and a very spunky 90 year old named Bernie:)
Captured some of the weekend on my phone...

 Lots of cousin time....

 We have a few pyromaniacs in the family...

 Little Pat we left you a seat:)

Happy Birthday Grandpa!
Love, T

Ps More pics from my camera in next post:)

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