Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Niacole & Chad's Wedding

I absolutely love weddings! Whats not to love? Love in the air, friends and family all around, and cake! Last Saturday was an extra special wedding....my sister in law Niacole got married!!! From showers to the bachelorette party to I DO, her journey has been lovely. I am so happy I was able to be a part of her big day:) I've gotten to know her fiancé, oops..her husband, Chad and they are a great couple! They balance each other perfectly! I'm so happy for you Niacole and Chad, I hope Mexico is fabulous! Here's a peak into the festivities...

We started the weekend with a little pamper time:))

Next on the agenda.. rehearsal and a super tasty dinner, Kentucky hot brown and derby pie is kinda hard to beat!

How cute was their venue? Sigh.

Johnny's mom and I loved our very first manicure ever! pretty nails:)

Wedding day!!!

Such a sweet moment:)


Happy wedding Mr. & Mrs. Stacy!
Love, T

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seester Weekend

While Johnny was out of town 2 weekends ago (yes I'm still playing catch up:) I found myself wondering what to do with myself because I had 5 days off, bad timing right? Well I called my sister to simply go watch The Great Gatsby, have sushi and have a slumber party with me and it turned into a 5 day adventure:) We lucked out because she had 4 days off too! The best part is that we didn't have any type of time schedule or plan really, we just went with whatever we decided we wanted to do at that moment. So over the course of our long weekend together we had lots of mini Seester adventures! Here's what we were up to...

Basically obsessed over The Great Gatsby

We ventured to Mammoth Cave! If you live anywhere near Kentucky you should totally take the time to visit Mammoth Cave, lots of tours to choose from! We did the historic tour this time and hope to do the lantern tour next.

We played lazor tag, went bowling, shopped, watched movies, enjoyed the weather with a walk at the park and relaxed!

We scooped up Nate for bowling and drinks:)

What's better than a seester's adventure? A sibling adventure!
Happy Day!
Love, T

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Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm Still Here!

Yes I am still here:) I know a month of silence is a tad bit ridiculous and honestly I have no good excuses..lets just leave it at, HELLO I'm back!
So lets play catch up on some of the things I've been up to the past month! Pictures are better than words so here we go...

My grandpa Dollahan turned 90!!

Cake time!

My sister in law's Bachelorette Party! Her wedding is just around the corner:)

Cinco de Mayo is always fun day with my family!

Mother's Day was last weekend but somehow I have no pictures:/ Mom you're the best:)
Johnny was gone for 10 days so I spent lots of time with my Seester! That deserves its very own post!!
Glad to be back!
Happy Friday!
Love, T

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