Sunday, February 27, 2011

my etsy shop

I'm not sure if you are familar with but you need to be.  There so many sweet, creative wonderful things on the website.  I first became familar with etsy when I was spending hours a day on weddng websites searching for what I had pictured in my mind.  When I came across etsy I somebody does get it, actually a lot of somebodies! I became obsessed with so many little shops on etsy it was kinda pathetic, but in a good way :)  I loved the thought of purchasing something handmade with love from someone rather than a big business.  Etsy became my go to website.  Since I've been married I've really gotten in touch with my crafty side (hence the blog), and have found such joy and reward in creating something for someone else!  So i finally took the leap and started my very own etsy shop! Yay. I just smiled so hard it almost hurt, dang that was dorky.  but any it is, please visit it periodically.  I really hope you like it! I will keep you posted of my progress.  Hopfeully I can make somone's day the way so many etsy shops have done for me:)

Happy Shopping!
Love, T

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recipe Time: Black & White Chili

This is the perfect time of year for throwing something in the crock pot before leaving for work and having something warm and ready when you step through the door.  When talking to anyone about cooking I always end up mentioning the crock pot because it is so simple and perfect for busy people, I mean who's not busy?  Who knew something so healthy and easy could be so good.  My challenge to you is to pull your crock pot out of whatever space it is hiding in and USE IT!  You will not be disappointed!  There are so many recipes available online it's ridiculous.  If you have an iPhone than there is even a free app called crock-pot, it's so great because it even has a grocery list spot!  Go ahead download it! my handy dandy crock pot I made Black and White Chili!  I'm so excited because it's my very own recipe :) I hope you enjoy!

Tia's Black & White Chili:
4 chicken breast frozen
3 cans northern beans, rinsed
1 can diced tomatoes, drained
1 can black beans, rinsed 
3 cans of water
1 chicken bouillon cube
1/2 cup verde salsa
1/2 onion, chopped
1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
1 package of white chili mix
1/2 T garlic
1 tsp ground pepper

Throw it all in the crock pot
Cook on high for 5-6 hours or low 8-9 hours
Right before eating take chicken out, shred, mix and enjoy!!

Hopefully you will find this as tasty as Johnny and I do:)
Happy Cooking!
Love, T

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Craft Post

My newest knitting obsession! I made my first cowl this week and I can't wait to create more. It's just as warm as a scarf and takes half the time to make, which is a major plus in my book.  I tend to get a little anxious to see the finished product. Check it out!

Before I got to start knitting Burli stole my seat!! Such a funny kitty :)  He was too sweet to move.

Happy Knitting!
Love, T

What's Burli up to?

I'm going to periodically post what my Burlington does that makes me love him so stinkin much!  Let's see what Burli has been up to lately....
He watches me pack my lunch...

He sleeps...

He mimics java the hut...
You know all the normal things cats do :)

He's a Happy Kitty!
Love, T

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I heart U, U heart me :)

Here is my newest addition to the wall art family.  After making this lovely little piece my urge to start an ETSY shop is bursting out of me.  I am still nervous that other people would want to buy my little works of art. take the risk or not to..heck why not.  Hopefully I will get to tell you soon all about my little shop.  Ok here it is :)

I got so excited when my good friend Leigh Ann Fox said she wanted one, she was kinda like my first official customer!  So I created her this for her wall! It's a great feeling when someone says they want something that I made!  My family is always great about giving me positive feedback so they are always my unofficial customers.

Happy Crafting!
Love, T

Good Morning!

My mom, my sister and myself have all decided it is time for a change, a healthy change.  We are all on our own personal journey to eat better and in turn feel better.  Eating healthy is of course what people are supposed to do but what about people who live in the real world..right? We are all so busy with every aspect of our lives we tend to push nutrition to the back burner and let convenience step right up front and center.  It may not be the start of a new year or time for a new years resolution but it sure is time for a change. Today begins the third week in our little endeavor.  So far there are a few common themes between all of our experiences: we feel great, it's not really that much more expensive AND we have time for it!  What a miracle, ha.  Well hardly but if you choose to make time for a healthy lifestyle than you will have a healthy lifestyle.  I shall keep you posted as our nutritional improvement adventure continues, in the meantime hear are a couple pics Tara and I have sent via text of our yummy healthy breakfast.


Currently, and I say currently because this changes from week to week, my favorite healthy breakfast go to item is light wheat bread with a Tbs of fat free strawberry cream cheese, so yummy.

 And Tara's...

Tara's favorite go to breakfast item is low fat vanilla yogurt with bananas chopped and mixed in.  Can't wait to try it for myself!

Happy Eating (healthy of course)!
Love, T

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weather Please Stay

I woke up this morning and it was already 48 degrees!  First thing to my mind was "I can't wait to get off work so I can run!"  I didn't even wear a coat today.  I normally love winter and the sweaters and hats that come along but I am so ready for nice running weather I can't hardly stand it.  I signed up for my next half marathon in Louisville, The Derby Half Marathon.  Training for any type of running event is always and emotional and physical roller coaster for me so I'm sure I will be posting all about it.  I ran  a 4 mile run today and it was so relaxing, I think I had a runners high afterwards. :) I've decided to start taking my phone to snap pictures along the way because some of my running routes are truly paradise.  I love sharing pictures of my runs because I get excited to share each shot with you!

I had to stop and take it all in.

When I came to this spot in the road it reminded me of life, do I take the route the leads to the finish or do I run straight into the field of the unknown.  I'm telling you running pondering is the best pondering.

Happy Pondering!
Love, T

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is our first Valentine's Day as Mr. and Mrs. :) It was exactly how I pictured it.  Johnny and I both surprised each other with handmade cards and got to spend most of the evening together.  Our original plan was to go grocery shopping and cook dinner together tonight as a present to each other.  Well when I got off work I could smell yummy food as I walked up the stairs to my apartment, in the back of my mind I was hoping it was for me but I knew we had discussed our plans.  Well Johnny had dinner ready for me when I got home :) Aww he is the best Valentine a girl could ask for! Overall the day was sweet and thoughtful.  He even got me sugar free candy because he knows I'm trying to eat healthy.  I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day as much as I did.  Snapped a few pics of our handmade art :)

Happy Valentine's!
Love, T

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sledding Fun

Another quick post for the day to show you our sledding adventures. Yes we are in our mid twenties and yes those are sleds from when we are ten.  Sledding never gets old.

Happy Sledding!
Love, T

The Stress Test.

I decided to take a stress test yesterday to see if I am "overwhelmed."  I like to believe that I have full control over my life and that I handle stress very well but these types of tests will really make a person doubt their abilities.  There were questions like, Do you find yourself watching the clock while at work and I often wish I could play hookie?  I mean who doesn't do both of these at least sometimes, right?  Well my test results stated I am under a moderate amount of stress and need to work on balance in my life. Hmm all I could think was why the heck didn't I fall into the little amount of stress.  In reality it completely makes sense and balance is exactly what I am trying to achieve this year.  According to my chart I filled out I need to focus more on every aspect of my life in order to find that balance.  Well this blog is the first step in that direction so maybe next time I decide to take a quiz like that I will fall in the little amount of stress section :)

Happy Test Taking!
Love, T

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wall Art

I have started making the cutest wall art ever.  I started by making one for Johnny and I and have created 2 others since.  I already have a couple requests!  I'm so excited that other people want something I made hanging in their house!  Makes me smile REAL big :) Part of the centerpiece at our weeding reception tables were circular pieces of burlap, being the recycler I am, naturally I kept them in hopes of reusing the material.  Well the time has come and it turns out it is perfect for my newest project. I 'm contemplating starting an ETSY account and these might just be y first product I post.  I'll keep you posted on the ETSY thing:) Until than here are my creations.

I made this one for my sister who is going to school to be a teacher, thought the words were appropriate

This one I made with fabric instead of the burlap, I used a fat quarter of fabric and it was the perfect size.

 All three of these are 10 inch circles. I am planning on making 10, 8, and 6 inch pieces in the near future!

Happy Crafting!
Love, T

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let it Snow!

I love it when it snows. Snow days were the best when I was a kid, they didn't seem to happen very often but when they did they were awesome.  This winter it has snowed a lot here in Kentucky, well alot for us anyway.  Amazingly enough it seems to always happen through the week when Johnny and I have to work.  We were so disappointed it didn't snow this past weekend because we got our hopes up about sledding.  The weather channel was calling for a couple of inches, but it never came.  Come Monday morning it started and we got about 6 inches.  While the timing sucked it was still gorgeous outside.  I got to enjoy it just a bit. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for snow this weekend!
Happy Sledding!
Love, T

Monday, February 7, 2011

Johnny's 27!

Today is Johnny's birthday.  I'm convinced it is his lucky year because he is 27 on 2/7! Hey there's nothing wrong with positive thinking.  I've been super excited about his birthday cake for a couple of weeks now.  Usually I look for an excuse to bake a cake, heck sometimes I just bake a cake with no excuse at all. Instead of making his birthday cake myself this year I called on the immense talent of Darlena! She is a super sweet person I work with who happens to be pretty awesome at making cakes.  Johnny and I are Makers Mark ambassadors and have been for a couple of years.  Makers is pretty much the only thing johnny drinks, he's kinda partial to it to say the least.  So I asked Darlena to make a Makers Mark she did!  check out her skill!  Johnny absolutely loved it!

Waiting on Johnny to get home from work.

Didn't really wanna cut into it but I'm glad we did! Chocolate with butter cream icing!

Happy Birthday Johnny!
Love, T