Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good Morning!

My mom, my sister and myself have all decided it is time for a change, a healthy change.  We are all on our own personal journey to eat better and in turn feel better.  Eating healthy is of course what people are supposed to do but what about people who live in the real world..right? We are all so busy with every aspect of our lives we tend to push nutrition to the back burner and let convenience step right up front and center.  It may not be the start of a new year or time for a new years resolution but it sure is time for a change. Today begins the third week in our little endeavor.  So far there are a few common themes between all of our experiences: we feel great, it's not really that much more expensive AND we have time for it!  What a miracle, ha.  Well hardly but if you choose to make time for a healthy lifestyle than you will have a healthy lifestyle.  I shall keep you posted as our nutritional improvement adventure continues, in the meantime hear are a couple pics Tara and I have sent via text of our yummy healthy breakfast.


Currently, and I say currently because this changes from week to week, my favorite healthy breakfast go to item is light wheat bread with a Tbs of fat free strawberry cream cheese, so yummy.

 And Tara's...

Tara's favorite go to breakfast item is low fat vanilla yogurt with bananas chopped and mixed in.  Can't wait to try it for myself!

Happy Eating (healthy of course)!
Love, T

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