Monday, February 7, 2011

Johnny's 27!

Today is Johnny's birthday.  I'm convinced it is his lucky year because he is 27 on 2/7! Hey there's nothing wrong with positive thinking.  I've been super excited about his birthday cake for a couple of weeks now.  Usually I look for an excuse to bake a cake, heck sometimes I just bake a cake with no excuse at all. Instead of making his birthday cake myself this year I called on the immense talent of Darlena! She is a super sweet person I work with who happens to be pretty awesome at making cakes.  Johnny and I are Makers Mark ambassadors and have been for a couple of years.  Makers is pretty much the only thing johnny drinks, he's kinda partial to it to say the least.  So I asked Darlena to make a Makers Mark she did!  check out her skill!  Johnny absolutely loved it!

Waiting on Johnny to get home from work.

Didn't really wanna cut into it but I'm glad we did! Chocolate with butter cream icing!

Happy Birthday Johnny!
Love, T

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