Thursday, February 3, 2011

Introducing Tadpole Ave.

Hello!! Today I have to share this adorable line with you.  The artist is my best friend and sister Tara, creator of Tadpole Ave.!  Through the years we have had craft hour and Tara would always take her time and create something magnificent where I would always have a product that was, well acceptable but far from magnificent, haha.  Needless to say she is still doing good at craft hour :)  I am in love with her newest line of nursery paintings: SWEET DREAMS!  They are too cute and perfect for any child's room. She's going to school to be a elementary teacher and I think kids will love her room because I know she will have something very creative hanging on the walls. I think this is my favorite set of paintings she has done yet! She can paint any animal but here are some of my favs!!

And this is her hard at work!

Hopefully you find her stuff as wonderful as I do :)                          
Happy Painting!
Love, T

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