Sunday, February 8, 2015

Whole 30 COMPLETE!

Well we did it! Tara and I completed our Whole 30 journey with no slips!  Clean nutritious food for 30 days! We have had slightly different changes come from this experience but overall we both feel really really good:) I found inspiration from all sorts of spots, Pinterest, instagram pages, whole 30 advice boards and Tara!  Having a partner in crime is the best way to go! I have never stuck to any type of food plan the way I did with the Whole 30.  Tara and I both have busy schedules and made it work and I am super proud:) Of course the physical changes made me smile as well..I lost a total of 9lbs and 8 1/2 inches total! I feel like my little holiday fluff suit fell off.  O yeah and..Tara lost an amazing 14 lbs!!
Here is us face timing on our very first night food prepping for day 1....

 Here we are celebrating our success.....
Cheers to eating real food!

This is what I literally every single meal:)....

Here was week 1
Here was week 2
Here was week 3
Here was week 4

Happy Day!
Love, T

PS Here was my day 29 & 30...

Cherry Apple Larabars

Week 4 was made up of simple meals focused on lots of fruits and veggies so I really don't have any meal recipes to share but I do have a fun snack..

Homemade Cherry Apple "Larabars"

Dates, Cherries, chopped apple, almonds, walnuts and pecans
Blend the nuts together and blend the dates and fruit separately, stir two mixtures together and form into bars. Enjoy!
There are all types of combinations you can make and good ole Pinterest is FULL of ideas!

Happy Making!
Love, T

Here is the link to my week 4!

Whole 30 Week 4 Complete!

Here I am catching up per usual:)
Whole 30 week 4...

This week had the Super Bowl in it and I am happy to say Tara and I succeeded with flying colors:)  I will share a few of our yummy Super Bowl treats soon!

Happy Eating!
Love, T