Sunday, January 11, 2015

Whole 30: Week 1 Complete!

Well I have officially stuck to a nutrition plan stricter than I have ever stuck to anything food related ever.  I think there are a few reason's for this...1. I have a partner in crime (Tara) I don't want to let down! 2. I am so curious to see how my body truly responds to 30 days of whole nutritious cheating! and 3. It's really not too big of a change from our day to day eating habits:)  With that being said..I realize that I miss 2 things..popcorn and beer!  The popcorn thing comes when I am watching netflix and the beer thing comes when I am watching maybe I should just not watch TV and my problems would be solved. Hmm...nah.  Anywho when I began this I thought maybe it would be chocolate but so far I haven't craved it at all..probably because I overdosed over the holidays.. seriously! Tara and I both have done so well and I am super proud of us! I am interested to see if my motivation and dedication continues so easily.  I already talked about my Whole 30 day 1 in my previous post so here is how the rest of the week went...

I find breakfast and dinner to be the easiest to plan.  Breakfast is pretty much a combo or eggs, bacon and fruit.  Dinner is fun because I love to cook!  Lunch gets tough to be creative when I am eating at work but I found a combo that worked this past week so hopefully that will continue!  I think the biggest challenge is mixing it up to make it not the meantime Johnny has been happy with everything I have made so far! I am not a salad fan 95% of the time so getting veggies in other ways is always a goal of mine and this plan really makes me want to eat as many nutrients as possible! Hopefully I can get around to sharing recipes with you soon! Cheers (no beer but juice cheers of course) to the beginning of Whole 30 week 2!

See some of my recipes here!

Happy eating!
Love, T

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