Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Recipes: Week 2 Whole 30

In my previous post I rounded up last weeks meals and here are a few recipes from my week 2...

First up is stir fry with cauliflower rice from day 8 dinner...
I was really curious about cauliflower rice even before the whole 30 and I think it will be one of the things that sticks after this journey is complete!
Chop your cauliflower into medium sized pieces, throw in your blender
Pour into skillet with olive oil and some pepper and cook until slightly soft and it's ready!
Chop up your fav veggies and stir fry with coconut amino's (soy sauce replacement), ginger and garlic and you have yummy stir fry! You won't even miss the rice!
Next up..Chili from day 9..
With football season and chilly weather you have to make a big pot of chili on the weekend right?

Basically to stay whole 30 compliant just leave out the beans and add lots of diced bell pepper and onion and more meat! For seasoning I used cumin, paprika, sea salt, garlic and pepper since the chili seasoning I usually use has some funky funky stuff in it and the best part is this chili tasted better! Also read your labels if you use canned tomatoes:) 
The best thing about chili is it usually makes a ton and there are leftovers... so make chili dogs!
Again read your labels for hot dogs, these are uncured apple gate beef hot dogs sitting on top of a plain smashed baked potato and topped with chili.

Next up is dinner from day 11..
Roasted chicken and veggies..

So this is my first time ever cooking a whole bird and I was way too excited about it:)  
I don't know why I never did, I guess it seemed like too much work or too complicated but in reality it was quite easy and fun! 

I stuffed lemon slices inside and coated the outside of the chicken with olive oil, pepper, garlic, basil and sage.  Chopped up onion, carrots, celery, Brussels sprouts and potatoes and threw them in around the chicken. 
Cook at 350 for 90min or until the center is hot enough! I recommend buying a meat thermometer because we just did and I have no clue why we waited so long because now there is no "do you think it looks done" conversations happening! 
We ended up having leftovers of course so I made some chicken salad and chicken broth from the remainder!  

Chicken salad...
1 cup or so of chicken, 1 avocado, 1/2 cup pecans, 1/4 cup sunflower seeds and 2T lemon juice

To make your own chicken broth just throw the remainder into water with your favorite seasonings and simmer for 2 hrs...
 Strain and bottle up! From what I read stays good in the fridge for a couple days and good frozen for a couple months!
Last but not least..
Stuffed acorn squash..this is probably my favorite meal of the program so far..
Cut the acorn squash in half, scoop out your seeds, bake face down on a baking sheet for about 30 min at 350.
About 15 min before it is finished throw a pound of ground sausage, sage, pepper and garlic in a skillet with diced celery, onion and a chopped apple.  
 It is even better all smashed up like below..

Happy Cooking!
Love, T

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