Sunday, July 31, 2011

Recent Customs

Lately I have had the privilege to make some really cute custom pieces for some really cute customers :) Custom orders are definitely among my favorite pieces to make.  I just love creating for others and if I get it right than my mission is accomplished.  It really does make me happy when someone contacts me about a piece of my art that demonstrates love..ahh sweet love.  Here are a few of my recent customs doing just that...

I am in love with the way these framed pieces turned out, the lovely girl I made them for is planning on putting them on their nightstands, what a cute idea? I think I need to make me a set next!

 I encourage you to tell someone you love "I love you" today :) you may just make them smile.
Happy Loving!
Love, T

PS. Check out my newest Sookie Says shirt

yeah I think it's amazing, I mean it's a mustache :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday MOM!!

Just wanted to say
I love you :)

Love, T

What's so Wise About Wisdom Teeth Anyway?

I finally got my wisdom teeth cut out, 10 years after I should have.  Last Thursday was the big day. The whole experience is pretty much a blur except for when I tripped up the steps to the apartment!  I woke up on the coach thinking..why in the world do people even have wisdom teeth?? I still don't really know, but I do know I hate them.  Today is the first day I've been able to eat somewhat normal food.  I've been living off of mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese and ice cream, so nutritious I know :) Johnny made homemade pizza today and he packed it full of veggies so I could at least get some sort of nutrition. It was a super slow process but I got it down! Between puking my guts up from pain pills and the throbbing pain from the newly made holes in my head the entire experience SUCKED.  Somehow the people I love so very much pulled through and helped me cope, Thanks yall!!  O yeah I totally morphed into a chipmunk, check it out!

hahahaha..tad bit embarrassing but I could not resist.

Special thanks to mom for the phenergan, Tara for the flowers and Johnny the homemade mashed potatoes made my day.
Happy Brushing!
Love. T

Friday, July 22, 2011

Like Old Times

My mom's car has been acting a little funny lately and finally tuckered out on her Wednesday.  In return she had to get a rental car to drive for the week.  She got a mini van! This ended up working out so perfect.  Mom, dad, Tara and I all packed into the van and headed to Evansville to spend Wednesday evening with Nathan.  The reason I was so excited about the van is because it's what we grew up with and it made it feel like old times:)  It is kinda a rare situation to have all five of us together.  So I hate to say it but I'm glad mom's car pooped out.  We went to The Fresh Market, visited Nathan's kitty and had dinner at Red Robin, which was my last meal before I got my wisdom teeth cut out!  That post will be coming soon :) Any who.. it was a great night that stemmed from something bad.  I had a lot of fun with you family!! Of course I snapped some pics of the evening..

 I would strongly suggest Red Robin to anyone!  So yummy from their endless fries to their shrimp and berry lemonade it was all delicious! Red Robin..Yummmm.
You're never too old to load up with your parents in a van for a fun evening!! 
Happy Day!
Love, T

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rolling on Down the River

Last summer about 8 of my friends and I went on a little canoe trip in Tennessee.  We had so much fun we decided to do it again!  So yesterday was our 2nd annual canoe trip on Red River.  We start out early in the morning and paddle on down the river all day, even having lunch on the water.  Due to the excess rain we have recently experienced the river was anything but calm, I mean it wasn't white water rafting or anything, but it was moving at a pretty swift pace.  A couple things made this year even better than last.  For starters Tara got to join us on this fun excursion!  Thank you to whoever covered her shift at the coffee shop :) Also no one tipped and it was the perfect temperature!  I'm already looking forward to next year!

swim break!

Happy Summer!
Love, T

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Porter Flea Fun!

If I've seen a little absent lately it's probably because I've been engrossed in preparing for Porter Flea which was yesterday!  It was a success!  There were amazing vendors and literally every person there was a doll.  Leah (Sookie Says) and I left bright and early yesterday morning to embark on a day long event of crafting, crafters and fun.  The people at Porter Flea did a wonderful job of helping the vendors feel right at home in lovely Nashville. TN. Although it was a little toasty the day was pretty lovely.  From jewelry to baked goods to clothing this Indie market had it all and I'm so glad we got to participate! 

Our little booth :)

some of the other tents

Working hard..or hardly working, the best kinda work I must say!

some of my goodies..

look at this sweet tank Leah made me!

 Sookie Says Funsticks are fun!

some of Leah's goodies..

If you were at Porter thanks for stopping by and if you weren't we sure missed you!  Glad I got to meet so many great crafters!
Happy Crafters!
Love, T

Celebrating the 4th

Been a busy week so yes I'm just now blogging about the 4th of July :)  Last weekend my family and I journeyed to Attica, IN to stay with more family to celebrate Independence Day.  Our weekend was packed with good food, company, and fun!  From Bobbie's TO DIE FOR morel mushrooms, that I know I will crave until I eat them again, to freshly picked pea pods the food was spot on.  It stormed on Saturday night so the fireworks were postponed until Sunday which ended up working out perfect!  There were still fireworks being shot off across the Wabash river that we could see from their porch, with lighting in the background it made them look insane! On Sunday morning we went to the largest free falling waterfall in IN which turned out to be pretty neat considering the 4 inches of rain from Saturday really bumped up the water pressure.  Of course we couldn't just look at it, we got in, I should have known it would happen.

I really should have known we would all end up in and Tara and I should have wore bathing suits but the spontaneous aspect of it made it better! Thanks Uncle Pat for not telling us we kinda weren't supposed to swim in it until afterwards :)  Here are a few pics from the rest of the weekend.

Happy Fourth of July!
Love, T