Friday, July 22, 2011

Like Old Times

My mom's car has been acting a little funny lately and finally tuckered out on her Wednesday.  In return she had to get a rental car to drive for the week.  She got a mini van! This ended up working out so perfect.  Mom, dad, Tara and I all packed into the van and headed to Evansville to spend Wednesday evening with Nathan.  The reason I was so excited about the van is because it's what we grew up with and it made it feel like old times:)  It is kinda a rare situation to have all five of us together.  So I hate to say it but I'm glad mom's car pooped out.  We went to The Fresh Market, visited Nathan's kitty and had dinner at Red Robin, which was my last meal before I got my wisdom teeth cut out!  That post will be coming soon :) Any who.. it was a great night that stemmed from something bad.  I had a lot of fun with you family!! Of course I snapped some pics of the evening..

 I would strongly suggest Red Robin to anyone!  So yummy from their endless fries to their shrimp and berry lemonade it was all delicious! Red Robin..Yummmm.
You're never too old to load up with your parents in a van for a fun evening!! 
Happy Day!
Love, T

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