Sunday, July 10, 2011

Celebrating the 4th

Been a busy week so yes I'm just now blogging about the 4th of July :)  Last weekend my family and I journeyed to Attica, IN to stay with more family to celebrate Independence Day.  Our weekend was packed with good food, company, and fun!  From Bobbie's TO DIE FOR morel mushrooms, that I know I will crave until I eat them again, to freshly picked pea pods the food was spot on.  It stormed on Saturday night so the fireworks were postponed until Sunday which ended up working out perfect!  There were still fireworks being shot off across the Wabash river that we could see from their porch, with lighting in the background it made them look insane! On Sunday morning we went to the largest free falling waterfall in IN which turned out to be pretty neat considering the 4 inches of rain from Saturday really bumped up the water pressure.  Of course we couldn't just look at it, we got in, I should have known it would happen.

I really should have known we would all end up in and Tara and I should have wore bathing suits but the spontaneous aspect of it made it better! Thanks Uncle Pat for not telling us we kinda weren't supposed to swim in it until afterwards :)  Here are a few pics from the rest of the weekend.

Happy Fourth of July!
Love, T

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