Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year..New Journey..Whole 30

I don't know about you but for me the beginning of a new year comes the yearning for a fresh start! The need to hit the reset button on some things, the need to get rid of some things and the need to start new things! Of course after eating WAY too much over the last month my body is my first priority!  I think at this point my body is wondering what the heck is going on?  Well fear not body my goal is to reset you and get you back to what you are used to and hopefully even better! My seester and I have decided and committed to doing The Whole 30 together!  30 days of nutrient dense food in it's natural state..no cheating! We completed day 1 yesterday.woohoo! Even though we live in different towns we have been in constant contact through text, phone chats, snap chats and face time! It is ALMOST like we have been together:)  I am pretty much obsessed with looking up recipes as it is and this Whole 30 thing has thrown that into hyper drive. I love reading peoples instagram posts and following blogs talking about healthy/ natural food so this little program is right up my alley!  I have wanted to try it out for some time now but I always had some lame excuse but not this time!  Having Tara as my partner in crime is going to be just what I need! I did measure and weigh myself yesterday morning so I can see what my body does physically.  I'm too curious not to:)

We started this new journey with food prep on Sunday night..

Here is how my Day 1 went..

 Afternoon pick me up..

Working nightshirt I often eat breakfast during lunchtime, have dinner and eat "lunch" around midnight so my food order will be kinda weird but for me it works!
Getting back into reading labels at the store is a habit I hope to never slip away from again!  It's nuts how many things have added sugar!
Tara I am so happy we are in this together! 29 more days!
If you have done the Whole 30 feel free to throw out tips:)

Happy New Body!
Love, T

Unstuffed Peppers & Taters Whole 30 style..

You will need:
1lb Ground beef or turkey
2 bell peppers total ( I used 1/4 of 4 colors)
1 onion
1can Rotel

Brown 1 lb ground beef
Add chopped multi color bell peppers
Add chopped onion
Cook veggies until soft
Add Rotel
Garlic and pepper to taste
Simmer for about 10 min

Chop up potatoes, cook, add some hot water and mash..no butter, salt or milk needed!

I had leftover meat and veggies so I made some Egg Muffins for breakfast..
Preheat oven to 350
Scoop meat/veggie mixture into greased muffin tin

Beat 7 eggs in a bowl and pour over meat/veggies

Bake for 25 min
Package up for the next morning!

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