Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Stress Test.

I decided to take a stress test yesterday to see if I am "overwhelmed."  I like to believe that I have full control over my life and that I handle stress very well but these types of tests will really make a person doubt their abilities.  There were questions like, Do you find yourself watching the clock while at work and I often wish I could play hookie?  I mean who doesn't do both of these at least sometimes, right?  Well my test results stated I am under a moderate amount of stress and need to work on balance in my life. Hmm all I could think was why the heck didn't I fall into the little amount of stress.  In reality it completely makes sense and balance is exactly what I am trying to achieve this year.  According to my chart I filled out I need to focus more on every aspect of my life in order to find that balance.  Well this blog is the first step in that direction so maybe next time I decide to take a quiz like that I will fall in the little amount of stress section :)

Happy Test Taking!
Love, T

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