Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet Tuesday Night.

Meet Faust.

This little cutie is an eleven week old Bengal kitten that Nathan and Alex just adopted on Tuesday :) I mean look at him he's adorable!   They have been waiting to get him for some time now and he is finally here!  Of course Tara and I had to meet him immediately, so we journeyed to Evansville on Tuesday after I got off work and met this sweet baby:) On our way there we stopped by Ruby Moon Winery for some wine and cheese.  We tried the blackberry this time and of course it was delicious!

If you live around Henderson, KY you gotta stop by and pick some up! Go here for directions:

 Once we made it to Evansville we first met Faust and soaked up his amazingness and than we made a trip to the new Fresh Market! There is one in Lexington that I've been to a few times and always hoped Evansville would get one, and now they have one! Alex bought ingredients for another amazing meal and got a few things for the week.  My favorite thing they have is a little station wear you watch your peanut butter, cashew butter or almond butter be made!! We tried each one and they were all good but the cashew butter takes the cake. Find a store near you and go! 
Another very sweet week night..

the chef :)

Some of my goodies from The Fresh Market!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend:)
Happy shopping!
Love, T

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