Monday, June 20, 2011

Trades are the Best!

This month I am a sponsor on one of my very favorite blogs This blog is packed with talent, creativity and inspiration.  Her name is Laura and her style is amazing.  She and I did a sweet little trade recently and I wanted to share with you my goodies!

I already wear a necklace I bought from her months ago on a daily basis but now I have another to alternate between.  How sweet is the little necklace? and...she sent me a surprise, those adorable earrings! they are dead on my style and I can not wait to sport them!  Thanks again Laura for the goodies! Trades are so great!   If you are creative and you have other crafty friends I encourage you to trade with each other, it's a complete win, win situation!
Happy Trading!
Love, T


  1. im so glad you love them! i got my earrings today and i absolutely love them. i was going to surprise you with a blog post about it, but i just have to tell you how i love them so! soooooo freakin cool. thank you! xoxo.