Sunday, June 19, 2011

Already Today..

It's already been a pretty productive day with clean house, clean clothes!  Started with some yummy homemade french toast.  One of my very favorite foods in the whole world :) It actually turned out just like mom's today.  Johnny was impressed :) Which always makes my smile really big.  Mom's recipe is super simple and super tastyy! Just dip bread into egg/milk mixture and throw it on the skillet, top with a little butter and syrup and you have delicious french toast.  You should try it. Johnny headed to the gun range to shoot guns with his step dad and little brother and I am waiting for the weather to clear up so Leah (Sookie Says) and I can finish our sweet little photo shoot.  The sun is peeping out, hopefully it will stay! While I've been waiting this is what I've been up to..
enjoying some yummy coffee..

clipping coupons! don't worry you won't see me on extreme couponers anytime soon, although i do envy them a touch for there dedication and money saving abilities...

balancing the checkbook and paying online bills...

and trying my best not to bug the crap out of Burlington!!
I hope you will have a nice sweet productive Sunday too!
Happy Fathers Day!!
Love, T

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  1. well done on your productive day!
    Nice pictures, I like your mug! it's cute seeing snippets of peoples daily life, I like it :)