Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Refurbished Dress

When I got off work today I decided to go on a quick thrift trip and WOW I had some good finds!  Some days I find nothing, others I may find one thing worth buying but today I found lots of things.  I found a super great vintage dress, shoulder pads and all.  It caught my eye immediately and I thought..hmm I bet I can make that more my style. So I bought it for a whopping $3.00 and tweaked it as soon as I got home!  Added a $0.50 belt and tada a lovely dress that I will actually wear and LOVE! Check out this dresses transformation!

Just cut the sleeves off and the shoulder pads out.  Put a seam around each arm whole and added a belt!!
This dress went from...hmm that dress is different to I can't wait to have an excuse to wear it.  So just remember if you see something you really like but wish one little thing was different, if possible change it!

Happy Altering!
Love, T

ps check out all the awesome crafty supplies I scored today!

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