Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mini Seester Adventure

As you saw in an earlier post we house/dog sat last week for Johnny's mom.  During the week I found some great new places to run.  Tara (my little sis) came over for dinner one night while we were there. She and I went for a walk down one of my new fav routes.  What started as a walk turned into goofing off and snapping silly pics of each other!  Even though we only made it about 1/2 mile away from the house we were gone for a good hour.  Moments like these are some of the best, when something planned evolves into something MUCH better :) I hope you can find time to goof off every now and than to let your mind go!

As you can see we were real prepared..ha

Even saw some wildlife :)

When we got back Burli was peering through the glass :)

Go for a walk, you never know what you'll end up doing!
Happy Walking!
Love, T

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