Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Run, Big Reward

My love/hate relationship continues with the road.  I've actually kind of been avoiding it all together for the past 2-3 weeks.  Pretty normal after a long race, I'm not sure if I get semi-burnt out or I just like making the decision NOT to run. Who knows. Any who..I went for a short, simple (HOT) run at the park yesterday and it snapped me back into the groove of running! I literally smiled randomly through the dorky :)

While I was running I thought of a few reasons people have given me over the years for not running.  Usually it boils down to feeling stupid or not feeling like it.  Well as far as feeling stupid goes, DON"T, at least your exercising :) And as for not feeling like it, you should try it and I bet you will start feeling like it.  Once the run is over you will feel better! So go ahead and run, you can do it!
Happy Running!
Love, T

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