Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ruby Moon Winery Arts Festival+ A Cup of T = Wonderful Day!!!

So happy I was able to show my lovelies today!  Set in a little nook of land in Henderson, KY The Ruby Moon Winery was the perfect location for an arts and crafts festival today. I got the chance to display my work next to some really talented artists.  Johnny, Tara and Dad saved the day by bringing their sweet company and a tent to my rescue.  We indulged in wine, live music, and each others company.  I had pretty decent success considering the smoldering weather.  Missed ya Leah but look forward to doing the next one with you :) Snapped some pictures of course.

My nice little view for the day
working hard...
my heroes!  Shade ooo how I love you!
best craft show ever!

Check out Ruby Moon's Website! Their wine is delicious AND local!!
I am in the process of posting all my hair accessories on etsy so be looking for it in the shop!
I hope you enjoyed this small view into my day :)
Happy Saturday!
Love, T
  oyeah....I made my belt I was wearing look for more of these to come!


  1. fun day! your stuff looks so cute! glad it was a success!

  2. I love that tablecloth! And your belt is super-cute, too! Glad it went well :)