Monday, February 4, 2013

TOWtally Not Cool

Welp my poor little jeep had her first adventure atop a tow truck this past week. While this situation was anything but pleasant Johnny and I tried to realize how much worse it really could have been. We were just starting a fun day of running around town picking up a few things we had been needing. Our second stop was to get some incense from a little shop in the mall and when we came back out my Jeep was acting crazy. Long story short: wouldn't start and got towed to the body shop. While waiting on the tow truck to arrive Johnny and I had dinner and browsed around the mall, something I haven't done in months! Since we recently went to Gatlinburg I was thankful it didn't happen there or somewhere in the woods while camping! The best part to the whole thing is I paid this baby off this month! I am beginning to wonder if the put a chip in that says...paid off, time to mess up a bit:/. On a positive note it was fixed that next day and is running fine:)

Happy Monday!
Love, T

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  1. Sorry about your car but I'm glad she's better now! I know that feeling. The month after I finished paying off my car, she died. For good. The mechanic said it would be cheaper for me to buy a new car than to fix all of her problems!