Friday, January 11, 2013

The Insomnia Diaries

Why hello there 3am, 4am and soon to be the lovely 5am. You see I do this crazy thing called nightshift for a living and every now and again it rears its ugly head on my nights off:/ It's like my body is saying...psst wake up you idiot and for some reason my mind listens, so here I am:) O and when I say wake up I mean stinking WIDE eyed awake. I wonder why I can't pop up this alert any other time? I try my usual last resort things counting sheep, flipping over on my belly, flipping my pillow to the cold side and when those don't work I might as well get my happy butt up and do something. So tonight I gave myself a facial, plucked my eyebrows, used biore strips on my nose and even organized my bathroom cabinets. You know, pretty normal insomnia stuff...gotta love it:). Now a little something that made me laugh out loud after taking it....

Happy sleeping!
Love, T

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