Sunday, January 29, 2012

Longtime No Run..

So I haven't visited my friend the running trail lately and decided to pay him a little visit;) All bundled up with my music in hand I took off. Ready set..dang I forgot my ear warmers. I thought how the heck can you forget something so important? A sign it's been too long since I have ran in the cold! I was feeling it about 10 minutes in when my head started pounding from the cold air running through one ear and out the other. I didn't let that stop me I was too excited to be running outside;) So I turned on Pandora and tuned it to the pop fitness station and started running. BTW did you know Pandora has workout stations? Yoga, heavy metal lifting and many more! Pretty good idea! Anyway I ran 3 miles in 28 min which I was content with considering all my running lately has been indoors and Johnny and I still had to do our P90x2 workout for the day:/ I am planning on running a spring half marathon so I better get to stepping!
Happy Run!
Love, T


  1. i had no idea Pandora had those stations...i am going to check them out. thanks! and i'm so jealous that you can run outside right now. we might get a little warmer this week, but i haven't run outside since the fall!

  2. You're doing P90X? When did you start? And THANK YOU for the tip about pandora's workout stations. I'm gonna totally use that. Way to go girl on the exercising!

  3. i am courtney! we got p90x2 for christmas so my husband and i just started week 6! are you doing p90x?