Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY: Bird Suet Cakes

While I was visiting my parents yesterday mom and I decided to use up some old ingredients around her house to make homemade suet cakes to fatten up the birds.  I believe these will do the job! You can find all sorts of recipes online but we just went with what she had available. 
What we used...
crunchy peanut butter
lard or crisco
bread crumbs (we just used old bread and threw it in the blender)
corn meal
i got mom that sweet little bird basket for Christmas from this cute shop
Add the peanut butter and lard together in equal parts in a medium saucepan, melting to liquid (do not boil)
Add all other ingredients to the blender and mince into small pieces, pour in large bowl

Pour liquid mixture over dry and mix well

Flatten into plastic containers and place in freezer, it you plan on placing them in a suet feeder be careful not to make them too thick! you want them to be able to fit:)

Place in freezer and just cut a piece off as you need it

Feed the know you wanna:)

Happy Feeding!
Love, T
ps. If you have a kitty I bet he/she would love to watch the birds eat through the window:)

Just ask this guy:)

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