Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Fabulous: Talk 2 the Trees

I'm sure some of you have seen her beautiful work on etsy or even follow her blog already if not you're in for a special treat:)  Rachael is the adorable artist behind Tree Talker & Talk 2 the Trees.
Meet Rachael...

Tell us a little bit about who Rachael is.I'm a compulsive creator. I'm either painting, sewing, knitting, taking pictures, or blogging. I honestly can't sit and not do something. Even if I'm watching a movie! My hands must always be moving. I currently live in Utah, though I'm often drawn to traveling, so I don't plan on staying in Utah for too long. I live in a small basement apartment with my two stinky dogs and a little corner of a studio. We make it work and have lots of fun despite the tight space.
On the rare occasions that I'm not creating I go on adventures with my boyfriend and the two dogs. We explore abandoned houses, water parks, and of course play in the canyons.
What can readers expect when they visit your blog Talk 2 the Trees?A bunch of beautiful randomness. I try to post every day, sometimes twice a day! I post photos of my daily life, my puppies my creations, and my inspirations. I always keep things positive and as beautiful as possible. Even when I'm going through a hard time myself, I never let my blog be a negative space. The Internet is already full of ugly and terrible things, talk2thetrees will always be the opposite.
I am a huge fan of your etsy shops, What is your favorite thing about creating pieces of art for others?I mostly create for myself, and put it in the shop for someone else to buy. My walls are full of paintings, and as one sells, I replace it with another. I would never paint anything that I wouldn't hang up in my own house.
I do love custom orders. Right now I'm only accepting custom pet portraits. When my little Mowgli passed away last March I could barely paint. The only thing I wanted was Mowgli, so I painted a picture of him. The painting sits by my bed and I get to see it everyday. It brings a smile to my heart, and peace to my mind. Knowing that I can give that to someone makes me happy.
Where do find your inspiration for such creative pieces?Trees and nature have always been a huge inspiration to me. Whenever I'm starting to feel blocked, I know I need to get out and explore. I know I need to focus on something else, like photography, or even poetry.  I'm also very inspired by odd things, such as cemeteries, old antique books, and tarot cards. Anything creepy and out of the ordinary.
Do you have any tips for readers who are interested in learning to knit or sew?
When it comes to knitting and sewing, be prepared to mess up. Sometimes it's okay to start over a knitting project. Sometimes it's okay to pick out stitches while sewing..
but if you are ever sewing late at night, and it's not working.. don't argue with the sewing machine. The sewing machine is always right. Sometimes it's best to just ignore it until it can behave. :)
Happy Meeting!
Love, T

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