Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blog Fabulous: Threadesque

I thought I would continue the love theme of February by sharing a blog and a vintage shop that I love and I bet you will too once you check it out. Learn more about the beautiful girl behind Threadesque below..
Meet Sam..

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?
Hello! My name is Sam, I'm originally from a state shaped like a mitten but now live in the beautiful state of Montana! I love fashion & mountains.. strange combination, I know! I collect vintage treasures & sell them on RoseVintage! I also have a blog where I love to write about what inspires me! It's called Threadesque, which means a lifestyle inspired by fashion.

You own one of my favorite vintage shops on etsy, what made you start thrifting?
That's so sweet of you to say! Thank you! :) I began collecting vintage when I was in high school, living in Michigan. My collection grew while traveling. Once we moved to Montana in 2009, I discovered amazing vintage/thrift/antique stores. That’s when I decided I had to share!

When you are thrifting are there certain things that you just can't pass up?
I hate to admit this but I pretty much never pass up anything. I'm a buyer to the fullest extent! Usually when I walk into a thrift store I start with house wares.. grabbing vintage Pyrex bowls, cream & sugar sets, and art deco glasses. Then I make my way back to the furniture section; I love buying cheap old pieces & refinishing them! Next stop dresses, coats, shoes, accessories! I can't live without mod silhouettes, cape coats & peter pan collars!

Do you have an all time favorite thrifting find or memory?
My best friend, Megan & I were vintage shopping in Plymouth, MI and I found a Christian Dior coat.. navy blue with gold buttons.. size 6.. fits perfect! 

Any tips for thrifters?
Try to vintage shop as often as possible! You never know what you're going to find! Bring a friend, a latte & lots of cash! If something seems over priced, don't hesitate to ask for a discount. Most of the time they will always go lower!
A big thanks to Sam for sharing her love and tips for vintage:)  Here are some pics of goodies she has picked up along the way..Some may even be in her shop!

I wish I owned every item in her shop!  If I had to pick I would say my favorite 2 pieces are this vintage syrup pitcher and this gorgeous kitchen scale!  Show Sam some love and follow her blog and visit her shop
Happy Meeting!
Love, T
In case you missed it we traded cute little DIY around Christmas, see Sam's here and mine here!

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  1. Her etsy shop is so adorable! I just went through and I'm pretty sure I favorited almost everything... Shes definitely inspired me to go thrifting, thats for sure! Lovely post :)