Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blog Party Gift

Right after the new year I joined a blog party gift exchange hosted by three lovely bloggers you can find here.  There were tons of fellow bloggers who sent an rsvp to enjoy this festive event! I got to know my blog partner a little bit better with emails and swapping some our favorite things to do.  My partner was Andrea, a photographer and new blogger!  Click here to check out her new blog and follow her:)  She is a very sweet person and gives amazing gifts I must say!  Here is what I got from this sweet lady..

I am in love with the cowl scarf she sent me..I feel an outfit post in the making featuring this beauty:)

These are going to be the perfect addition to my chip clips!
See all of the others who joined the party here!
Happy Gift Giving!
Love, T


  1. Awh! This makes me want to join...or even host a blog party!

  2. What a fun idea- that scarf is super pretty!

  3. Super cute! I love those clothes pins. I'm headed over to see what you sent Andrea! Would love if you'd come see what my partier partner sent me, we're a little late linking up to the party. :)

  4. i'm loving everything she sent:)) i'm gonna check yalls out now!

  5. Aww what a lovely gift! I loved participating in this blogger party!!

    I read that you're a nurse - I'm in nursing school right now!! Always nice to meet a fellow nurse! I'm your newest follower. :)