Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY: Heart Banner

I was in great need of a new window decoration in my sewing room considering there were still paper snowflakes hanging.  I think the cake topper was when Johnny mentioned it:)  So I decided to make a little heart banner to sweeten up my sewing room!  Just grab some felt, scissors, piece of yarn and a neddle and thread and you are ready to begin!

Cut out as many felt hearts as you need and yarn to the desired length for where you plan on hanging your banner

Add sweet touches to your hearts, different stitches, fabric or different color felt layered..

Lay hearts out to get an idea of what order you want them in

Now time to stich them to your yarn..

Continue until all hearts are attached, time to hang your banner!

Happy Crafting!
Love, T


  1. So adorable! And just in time for Valentine's Day!!!

  2. So pretty.. now i need to buy some felt and try this myself!

  3. thanks girls:) heidi if you try it i'd love to see pics!