Friday, February 24, 2012

Sunny Day

Yesterday it was unseasonably warm here in Indiana.  Right below 70 to be exact.  Since I worked the night before I missed most of it due to my need for sleep.  However I did get up at a decent time (for a nght shifter) because I had an eye appointment I had to get to.  I was actually excited about this because I am getting new glasses for the first time since high school!  The ones I own now solely function as a transition from my contacts to when I go to bed or if I have just gotten up for the day.  With my new glasses I can actually wear them on days my eyes need a rest or when they are feeling dry!  They dilated my pupils so I was unable to pick out frames yesterday since I couldn't exactly see quite right, so I will pick them out soon!  I was inspired by the warm weather to sport some spring colored nail polish and wear my favorite Poor Pitiful Pearl shirt:)  Snapped a few pics throughout the day:)  If it was warm where you are I hope you got to enjoy it a bit!
narrowed it down to 2 :)

flats make me smile:)

fav spring drink! passion fruit iced tea

sun bathing kitty

waiting in the waiting room..tick tock tick tock

can't wait for more warm days so I can wear this shirt more, it screams spring to me:)

spinach noodles, lean meat and veggies for dinner

oatmeal raisin cookies for dessert and no flour or sugar needed
I'll share the recipe for these yummy cookies soon
such a lovely sunny day:)
Happy Day!
Love, T

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