Friday, February 17, 2012

Early to Bed, Early to Rise..a Little too Early for Me

Good Morning!! So it is currently 639 in the morning. I have been wide awake for 3 hours and 9 min.  Night shift strikes again:)  Normally on my days off I stay up late and sleep in a bit, last night I decided I was "going to bed early" well look where that got me..wide awake after only 4 hours of sleep.  I laid in bed and played on my phone, you know checking all my favorite blogs, the weather, pinterest etc. hoping it would make me sleepy, fail.  Shut my eyes, they pop open. URG.  I finally decided it was a lost cause and got up.  It may not be early to you but to me I should be getting in bed in about 30 min:)  To start my day at the time I am usually ending it is slightly odd.  But here is to a (LONG) nice day!  So what have I been doing all morning??...
patiently waited for my coffee to finish, not that I need any caffeine at this moment but I may be singing a different tune sooner than I think...

While waiting for my coffee to finish I mozied around a bit..checking out this fog "situation" I saw on my weather app

bugging Burli..

taking terribly awkward morning self portraits that made me literally laugh out loud at myself..

And here I am blogging about my randomness to you. 
I have been pretty productive even though the pictures tell a bit of a different story, I have washed the dishes, started laundry and cleaned half of the apartment:) 
Happy Friday!
Love, T


  1. i really, really LOVE your blog hun! it's lovely and i'm happy to have found it today! keep up the great posts, because i'll be coming back for more! hehe

    newest follower! ♥
    follow back ?

    hugs, xo!

  2. Hey Tia,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and so glad I did. I'm your newest fan and follower!


  3. welcome girls! thanks for followin me;) i'm headed to your blogs now!