Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY: Simple Photo Banner

Instead of having a slide show at our wedding reception I decided to make a photo banner for everyone to look at throughout the night.  Since I got married in the fall and my colors were very fall and nature inspired I printed a big ol stack of pictures of Johnny and I in sepia to follow the fall theme.  I printed them from shutterfly which I had 25 free prints and you can sign up for emails and receive good deals too! 
To make your own photo banner you will need:
-a stack of pictures
-hemp string
-push pins
-clothes pens

All you have to do is string up your hemp string and hang with push pins, clip your pictures to the hemp with your clothes pens..super easy!  Here's how I used this technique at my wedding reception..

After the wedding I stashed that big stack of pictures away in storage until a couple of days ago a dug them out to put some them to use:)  I used the exact techniques above but this time I decorated our bedroom with them...

It's so nice to look at some of our adventures and memories we have had over the years.  I've already enjoyed this photo banner so much because it seems to spark conversations almost daily of a picture and where it was taken or about how young we look (haha), a sweet stroll down memory lane.  This is a perfect project for you if you have lots of pictures, empty walls and love pictures as much as I do, which is A LOT! 
Happy Creating!
Love, T

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  1. Thats such a cute idea, I'm definitely going to do this :)