Monday, February 13, 2012

Life Lately..

February has been a nice little month so far.  Johnny and I are still going strong with p90x2 (on week 6 now) and it's actually getting sort of enjoyable and much easier.  Work has been a little slow lately and I've stayed home a few hours here and there which has seemed to work out just fine.  I've had a couple custom orders I needed to finish up and have been able to do all sorts of lovely Valentine's Day crafts.  Superbowl Sunday was great and Johnny turned 28:) Hopefully February is treating you with love too.  Here are some snapshots of life lately..
Burli has basically just been soaking up the sun..

While I was making Vegetable soup the other day Johnny ran over to The Fresh Market to pick up some crackers and came back with other goodies..I love his Fresh Market runs:)

Speaking of food..I got my newest cook book in this week!! 
I would highly recommend this book!  Tones of tips on canning, meat handling, basic food knowledge and so much more!  I almost broke down and bought it a Barnes and Noble but the $35 price tag made my thrifty side jump out and I pulled out my phone and found it brand new on Amazon for only $18:)
Interested? Find it new and used here!
Here are a coupe of meals we have prepared from this book this week..

honey Dijon baked chicken on a bead of quinoa with
caramelized Brussels sprouts

cottage pie (yum) and asparagus-tomato saute

spinach lasagna and stir-fried Brussels sprouts

celebrating birthdays..Johnny turning 28..

Alex turning 27!

After the birthday celebration was over I was extremely dehydrated to say the least and had some major chapped lips so I searched for a homemade remedy for dry/chapped lips and found one that worked wonders!  Just mix equal parts sugar and honey and apply to your lips, let dry and wipe off with warm towel! The mixture is quite griddy as you can kinda see in the picture but I promise it works!

I've been enjoying comfy winter socks now that it is chilly enough to wear them:)

 finally got my casetagram for my phone!

Hmmm..well that about sums it up for life lately:)
Happy Day!
Love, T


  1. Omg! What a seriously adorable blog! I'm your 81! woop woop

    No but really, such sweet things happening over here... Found your guest post on Katie did it :) cheers!

  2. thanks for stopping by and following me:) so happy to have you!
    love, tia