Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clean Eating Challenge Update...

I thought I would post a wrap up of the clean eating challenge I participated in from Sometimes Sweet.  This challenge inspired me to start learning more about food in general, I've reached out to my friends, websites and movies to learn more and more about the food I eat.  We got Netflx a couple of days ago and I have already watched 3 movies based on food, a bit obsessed I guess you could say.  If you have Netflix you should take the time to watch Food Inc, Forks over Knives, and FoodMatters.  There are others available on there but they are the ones I have had the chance to watch and let me tell you, they will teach you something alright. I could go on and on about what I learned but I will simply ask you to watch them, please:)  I also subscribed to the magazine Clean Eating and ordered Rodale Whole Foods Cookbook.  Johnny and I went grocery shopping yesterday and took the time to read each label we considered buying and put back those with questionable ingredients.  I know this is going to be an ongoing progression but I sure am glad to be on the right track.  I invite you to join me in this journey and please feel free to share recipes or websites in the comments section!!  Now back to the wrap on the clean eating challenge..I have pics from the week of meals we had, I wasn't perfectly "clean" but I sure did try.. here is a peak into the past week of eating!
Lets start with what I've been eating for breakfast, my favorite meal..
Oats are my go to breakfast food right now:)
1/4 cup instant oats, cinnamon, hot water and whatever you want (apple, raisin, craisins etc)

I still enjoy a cup of black coffee in the morning, you can't really cut everything you love out right:)
I am planning on making homemade granola once we run out of what we have!

Made The Gracious Pantry's whole wheat pancakes with a touch of sugar free syrup (will try fruit topping next time) find more of her clean eating pancakes here! This is what I call 80/20!  Suggested by a health savy fried:)) 80% good, 20% not too bad

this is a super quick all organic ravioli, johnny topped his with freshly shredded Parmesan and a dab of organic marinara and a topped mine with a touch of EVOO and garlic

Homemade veggie soup with some mighty tasty crackers (suggested by Clean Eating Magazine)!  Before I would have crumbled a handful of Ritz crackers instead I used these...

Another quick lunch...

white chicken chili, made in the Crock Pot

Dinner is served...
Johnny is learning to like fish..

try using couscous or quinoa instead of rice for variation

got the recipe for this vegetarian Shepard's pie from this months Clean Eating Magazine

this is one of my favorite dishes, Dad's Hoppin Johns recipe, yumm
made a few adjustments but it was still delicious...lean meat,brown rice, celery, onion, dry black eyed peas..pretty clean!

stir fry veggies, craisins and spinach noodles

Snack Attach...
air popped popcorn! quick and easy and no hidden ingredients!
sprinkle a serving of dark chocolate chips to add some sweetness

I found these at the Fresh Market the other day, mini red bananas, so cute:)
perfect when paired with a Tablespoon of almond butter

Like I said earlier please feel free to post tips and comments about nutrition!
Happy Eating!
Love, T

PS If you are headed to a party or a get together and want to take something somewhat healthy try this quick fruit dip (not clean diet approved:) haha.  I made this for the Superbowl and it was a big hit!  Mix 1 container cool whip, 1 8oz light strawberry yogurt and small pkg of sugar free white chocolate pudding mix powder in a bowl, chill for 30 min.  While chilling cut up your fruit and you are ready to enjoy!

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