Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Johnny!

Today my sweet husband is 28:) Yes he looks 21 I realize this. Gosh i love that baby face! We are about to start cooking dinner before the UK game comes on! Just wanted to stop in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY!! I surprised him with a little stack of bday gifts and a clever little card if I do say so myself;)
Happy Birthday Love!
Love, T


  1. So sweet! Happy Birthday to your hubby. Yay for 28. That's how old my man and I are going to be this year!

  2. where's this photo of him?? you got me so curious after you said he looks 21 even though he's 28 :P

    ♥ valour & lace

  3. well steph he is here and there in blog posts but u can find him on my valentine's day post:)