Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project Runway Play Day #3

My Project Runway challenge to myself this week was to make a skirt that is more "flowy".  I've made skirts in the past but they have basically been straight skirts.  I wanted it to have a very fall, warm feeling to it.  I used some vintage fabric I got at a thrift store and created a flowy skirt for a wopping $2.00!  I realized the key is to at least double the hip measurement to give the extra room.  I actually had a pattern in my hand today but laid it down because on Project Runway, no patterns on your personal vision :) I'm looking forward to wearing it in the near future. Sorry for the dark pictures, it's raining outside today.

I decided to throw a second challenge in and make Johnny a bow tie!  He wore one to a wedding recently and it really inspired me to make him more.  It turned out so good I may just start making them to sell in the shop :)

Tomorrow my goal..find "boyish" fabric. Johnny says all my fabric is girly, he's pretty much right :) So be looking for these soon!
Happy Sewing!
Love, T

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