Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Fest

This past week was Fall Fest week in Evansville (my new home). It's actually the second largest street fair in the US, only second to Mardi Gras in New Orleans! In other words there were a ton of people and a ton of fried food.  From fried kool aide to fried thin mints...I mean if you can eat it you can fry it apparently :)  See all the different foods here. I tried to choose carefully what I was going to consume because good Lord you could literally make yourself sick at this place!  Of course the first thing I purchased was apple cider in a jug, which for me is a must anytime I am celebrating fall!  As far as food I decided to go with deep fried green beans (gotta keep it healthy you know) and toasted ravioli. Both things were super tasty and super unhealthy so for the day they were amazing! 

After we were finished consuming hundreds of calories we finished the night up at The Gerst Haus for a nice German beer. Such a fun filled fall night.
Happy Fall!
Love, T

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