Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Fabric Mouse for Kitty

I was at Pet Smart yesterday with my brother and I ended up buying Burli a new mouse toy to play with.  I got it home and he loved it :)  Johnny said.."You could make that" and I thought..hmm I bet I could, so I did. Now you can too!  If you have a furry little friend that deserves a cute little mouse toy follow the steps below for kitty happiness.
You will need: scrap fabric, scissors, sewing machine (or needle and thread), pins, scrap felt, short piece of yarn, thick embroidery thread, stuffing
Step 1: Fold fabric in half with wrong side out and cut the shape of mouse you want out, cut enough extra for the seam and pin pieces together
Step 2: Sew around edges leaving the flat end open

Step 3: Turn fabric right side out

Step 4: Cut out 2 small circles for eyes and 2 medium sized half circles for ears from felt. Snip a piece of yarn for a tail

Step 5: Stitch the eyes and ears on, you can use hot glue if you want to for this step

 -Tip if you are stitching, roll the body up close to the head to make it easier on yourself

Step 6: Cut 2 2in pieces of thick embroidery thread for the whiskers.  Take one piece of tread and knot both ends together creating a circle
Step 7:Go from inside out with the stitch once and snip the loop to create whiskers, repeat on other side

Step 8: Stuff him!

Step 9: Lay your tail inside body and stitch up his booty

Step 10: Let kitty play!

I woke Burli up to give him his toy and he gave me the look..what do you I moved his new friend where he could see him and he understood..

Happy Kitty!
Love, T

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