Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Craft Nights

Holidays give me an extra reason to craft and create.  As kids my siblings and I were lucky enough to have a mom that made every holiday special, usually by something festive or having a craft night :)  So for them it is normal when I call them together for craft night, for some of my friends they kinda look at me funny but agree anyway and end up enjoying it! This Halloween season I have managed to drag Alex and Johnny both into Craft Night (both first timers). Craft Night 1: Project 1: Create mask of choice, only rule..mask must have a feather on it..

Project 2: Make your own ghost..

Finished up the night with simple feather headbands..

Craft Night 2: Pumpkin Painting.. Johnny participated in this one! He was there on craft night 1 but didn't participate, he couldn't resist the pumpkin painting :)

Johnny said he was going to do something historic and creepy..should have guessed what he would paint, haha.

 I just love craft night.
Happy Crafting!
Love, T

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