Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goofing Off

It's what Tara (my sis) and I do best..goof off.  We usually call our goofing off a seester's adventure, welp we had a fun little seester's adventure on Monday.  I headed to Madisonville on Monday with a list of things to do. While I was pretty productive over the course of the day I managed to squeeze some goofing off time in with Tara. My Jeep needed a few things done to it at the dealership so she picked me up and entertained me in the meantime.  We had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and than got a mini pumpkin pie blizzard from DQ, which by the way are flippin amazing! We went to the park to eat our little treat and it turned into a good ole fashion senior pictures photo shoot.  You know..the terrible posses, cheezy faces and awkward angles.  For some reason we always end up recreating senior pictures and family should try it..I promise you will laugh really hard at yourself :) Here ae some pics from our day at the park.hehe :)

I'm sure you can see how this progressed into what it is:)  Such a pretty day with one of my favorite people. One of the productive things I did do was get together with my pretty friend Leah of  Sookie Says to create this lovely paper feather DIY for one of our favorite blogs Violet Bella!
Happy Goofing!
Love, T

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